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Trivia Challenge #9 (August 26, 1997)

Test Your Knowledge of Latin America with our Trivia Challenge!

Take the Trivia Challenge!!! Answer the following ten questions and see how well you are informed on Latin America's people, current events and media. Answers to this week's Trivia Challenge are posted on the bottom of this page. No peeking. Good luck!!!

Trivia Challenge # 9

Q1. Baruch Ivcher is the owner of a broadcast television station in Peru. He was born in Israel and became a Peruvian in 1984. His four daughters were all born in Peru. His station has been gained a reputation in recent years for exposing public corruption. In July, the Government stripped him of his citizenship, which means that he would lose the controlling interest of his station as television station ownership must be Peruvian. What is the name of the station?

A. América
B. Frecuencía Latina
C. Global Televisión
D. Panamericana

Q2. Gustavo Gorriti is a Peruvian journalist who has been working as an associate director of a newspaper in Panama. He concentrated on investigating the financial dealings of the circle of people around Panamian President Ernesto Perez Balladares. For his efforts, he has been ordered by the government to leave Panama for breaking labor statutes. Which newspaper was he working for?

A. La Panamá América
B. La Prensa
C. El Siglo
D. El Universal

Q3. Benjamín Flores González was a newspaper publisher in Mexico. He was responsible for publishing reports about drug corruption among the police and other officials. In July, he was assasinated outside his office. What is the name of his newspaper?

A. El Informador
B. El Imparcial
C. La Prensa
D. El Universal

Q4. A magazine in Colombia recently published the transcript of a telephone conversation between two government ministers on the disposition of a number of FM radio licenses. "50% ellos y 50% los amigos del Presidente. Nosotros veremos cómo los distribuimos." Clearly, improper conduct and consideration are very much in evidence. Which is the magazine?

A. Cambio 16
B. Cromos
C. Poder & Dinero
D. Semana

Q5. One consequence of the preceding exposé is that Colombia's Nobel laureate Gabriel Gárcia Márquez has decided to withdraw his bid to renew a news program on broadcast television, because he believes that the evaulation process is tainted. What is the name of that news program?

A. Noticiero CM&
B. Noticiero Nacional
C. Noticierio Siete
D. QAP Noticias

Q6. Revista Hardcore is a Portuguese-language published in Brazil. What is the subject matter?

A. Mineral economics
B. Heavy metal music
C. Pornographic sex
D. Ocean surfing

Q7. Dinero was the leading magazine about business and economics in Colombia. In view of certain realities, the magazine changed its name recently. What is the new name of this magazine?

A. Apertura
B. Dinero y Finanzas Personales
C. Poder y Dinero
D. Poder y Mundo

Q8. A recent dispute between a cable channel and Brazilian cable operator TVA led to the channel being dropped. Which channel is that?

B. Eurochannel
D. Superchannel

Q9. This web site, Zona Latina, carries a page that lists all the other web sites that have links to us. Which of the following web sites do NOT have links to us?

A. Alpha Rho Lambda Sorority, Tufts University
B. The Milwaukee Public School System
C. Peace Student Ambassador
D. Urban Land Institute

Q10. When a made-for-USA television program is dubbed into Spanish, the characters are sometimes given new names. Which of these names are not the Spanish equivalents of characters in The Flintstones (=Los Picapiedras)?

A. Pedro Picapiedra
B. Vilma Picapiedra
C. Pablo Mármol
D. Bety Mármol

Rate your performance on the following scale

9-10 correct answers - You must be kidding! Highest possible score is 8, because there is no right answer for Q.10.
7-8 correct answers - Awesome!
5-6 correct answers - Good.
3-4 correct answers - There is hope for you yet. Keep reading these pages.
1-2 correct answers - I suggest you cheat on the next Trivia Challenge.
0 correct answer - You can do better by consulting the Rand Corporation's Table of 20,000 Random Numbers.

Q1. B. Frecuencía Latina
. B. La Prensa
. C. La Prensa
. D. Semana
. D. QAP Noticias
. D. Ocean surfing
. C. Poder & Dinero
. D. Superchannel was dropped by TVA
. No right answer! They all have links to Zona Latina (see Reciprocal Links page).
Q10. No right answer! These are the Spanish names for the characters in Los Picapiedras.

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