Trivia Challenge # 4 (October 7, 1996)

Q.1 In The Simpsons, there is a recurring reference to the 'Spanish bee guy'. Who is that?

A. Cantinflas
B. El Chapúlin Colorado
C. El Chavo del Ocho
D. Chespirito.

Q.2 What is the Casa Club?

A. The Spanish translation of the surprise hit movie The First Wives
B. A new cable channel featuring home, cooking and lifestyle programs
C. A Mexican shopping club, with large discounts for members
D. A home-style sandwich

Q.3 What is Roberto Carlos not ... ?

A. Rated as the best attacking fútbol leftback in the world last year
B. Earned the highest amount of money among Brazilian entertainers last year
C. Recorded hit songs in both Spanish and Portuguese
D. The winner of the Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix

Q.4 Which of the following is not an Argentine news channel?

A. Crónica TV
B. Red de Noticias
C. Sólo Noticias
D. Todo Noticias

Q.5 At the Olympics Women's 10,000 meter track race, one of the U.S. competitors was a Mexican who married an American steeplechaser. Who is that?

A. Olga Appell
B. Kate Fonsell
C. Sylvie Mosqueda
D. Maria Trujillo

Q.6 Three women candidates are vying to become the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Which one of the following is not?

A. Sila Calderón
B. Zaida Hernández
C. Felisa Rincón de Gautier
D. Irma Rodríguez

Q.7 The Arecibo Lobos were the champions of the Puerto Rican Winter League. Several of their players play in Major League Baseball. Which one of the following is not a Lobo?

A. Roberto Alomar (Baltimore)
B. Jeremy Burnitz (Milwaukee)
C. Ricky Otero (Phillies)
D. Bernie Williams (Yankees)

Q.8 Which of these magazines does not have both Portuguese- and Spanish-language editions?

A. América Economia
B. PC Magazine
C. Playboy
D. Reader's Digest

Q.9 Which one of these is not a Latin American children's cable channel?

A. Canal de Niños
B. Nubeluz
C. Rocket TV

Q.10 Which one of these is not an actual or planned cable channel based upon a magazine?

A. Cosmopolitan
B. Elle
C. National Geographic
D. Playboy

Answers to this Week's Trivia Challenge

Q1, D; Q2,B; Q3,D; Q4,A; Q5,A; Q6,C; Q7,A;
Q8, trick question --- they all do!!!; Q9,A; Q10,B.

Rate your performance on the following scale

10 correct answers - You are the Best!
9 correct answers - Excelente!
8 correct answers - Good.
6-7 correct answers - Not bad.
3-5 correct answers - There is hope for you yet. Keep reading these pages.
1-2 correct answers - I suggest you cheat on next week's Trivia Challenge.
0 correct answer - You can do better by using a random number table.

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