Zona Latina Photo Gallery

We are accustomed to seeing pictures from the major metropolitan areas such as Buenos Aires, Mexico City and São Paulo. But we should remember that a significant portion of the population in Latin America live in smaller towns and villages. The Los Medios y Mercados de Latinoamérica study is a general population survey that includes both urban and rural populations. Here are some pictures taken by our interviewers in the "other" Brazil. These pictures document the seemingly ubiquitous presence of satellite dishes.

Photo credit: Audits & Surveys Worldwide/Grupo de Assessoria e Pesquisa (São Paulo, SP, Brasil).

Brazsat1.jpg Espírito Santo

Brazsat2.jpg Ceará

Brazsat3.jpg São Paulo State

Brazsat4.jpg São Paulo State

Brazsat5.jpg São Paulo State

Brazsat6.jpg Bahia

Brazsat7.jpg Espírito Santo

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